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Stud bulls

Following is information about our registered and registerable bulls. 

Jun-2021 Ristretto @ 9 months
PDS R119 Black Label Ristretto

Welcome to Ristretto, a full brother to Quey and Sewda.  We look forward to his progeny in Spring-2022.


DoB: 09-Sep-2020
Sire:  Whitby Farm Squizzy
Dam: Barregowa Fern


Jul-2021 Neddie
PDS N066 Black Label Neddie Munster

Welcome to Neddie, Karen's first calf and our first Black Label bull.  His Black Label progeny includes Quicksilver, Quidditch, Spitfire and Sabrina.


DoB: 09-Sep-2017
Sire:  Barregowa Gambler
Dam: Black Label Karen


Ned Kelly
Jun-2021 Ned Kelly
YRL N017 Yarra Ranges Ned Kelly

Welcome to Mr Kelly, our new senior bull (by seven months).  We are very excited by his pedigree, which includes Colombo Park Tannhauser (Valencia's sire), Monte Allegro Dante (Lochinvar's sire) and Yarra Ranges Jackaroo.  We look forward to his first Black Label calves in Spring-2022.


DoB: 09-Feb-2017
Sire:  Elandra Park Elvis
Dam: Yarra Ranges Girlfriend



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